Goodbye, stress.

Life is good once again.

Stress is something that tends to show up uninvited when I’m busy. It hangs around and makes itself comfortable before I even notice it’s there. My shoulders start tensing up. I start getting irritated by noises and things outside of my control. Like that person sitting over there by the window. They’re laughing excessively hard while on their phone. Was it really that funny?

I need to relax. I close my eyes… breathe in… breathe out… and let go. I think about what matters most in my life — God, family, friends, and going to the beach. I look around the room. There’s more to be thankful for than to be stressed about, especially what I haven’t noticed for the last fifteen minutes — the warm latte sitting right in front of me. I take a sip.

Life is not something to be rushed. It must be slowly taken in like a warm latte on a snowy day. Live richly. Goodbye, stress.

Life is good once again.

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