Things you’ll love about homeschooling:

  1. Your kids are so smart. They’ll amaze you with how deeply they understand subtraction or capital letters. They’ll absolutely thrive on certain days and you’ll feel like a super teacher.
  2. When they’re sick, you can adapt and improve their experience. They can go to the bathroom when they need to. They can have Kleenex, (or toilet paper…if you can relate) whenever they want.
  1. You can take them to museums you love..and it counts as school.

4. You can travel out of town and bring school with you, avoiding crazy traffic and stress.

5. You will see the weaknesses of your little humans and teach them to overcome with Anthony Robbins techniques you learned from YouTube. Your home is a human excellence incubator.

6. Your kids will know more about the things you love. My girls can identify so many fish it’s crazy. They run up to aquariums and start yelling out fish names. You will spontaneously combust with pride.

7. Your kids will be lazy and obstinate sometimes, and you’ll see yourself. It will make you want to be a better human and to love them past the struggle.

8. When you, or they get really stressed, you can send them to play for a bit. It makes all the difference sometimes.

9. You can teach them skills like swimming, sword-fighting with pool noodles and demonstrate your favorite and most extreme dance moves long past the time those are socially acceptable for someone your age.

10. They’ll get to meet people from many backgrounds, because you’ll choose to take them places they wouldn’t be if they were waiting in line and all the minutia of people management in school. Let’s face it, you don’t need years of training to wait in a line.

11. You’ll develop thicker skin because people will judge your decision to homeschool and what quality of education you’re giving them. It’s not personal. Humans judge and criticize all the time. If you’re doing something different then the norm, even more so. Don’t let them get to you and stand up for yourself. You have way more in vested and at stake than they do. You’ll figure it out. Now I’ve got some dance moves to perfect.

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