Money-Saving Benefits from Shopify Templates Membership

Can you live without a car? You may answer that you can try. But would it be comfortable for you? You will always depend on the public transport, its timetable, traffic on roads, and many other irritating factors. And now imagine that you have the retail business without an online presence. It sounds like you have no car being a courier at the delivery company. If you want to keep with the times and grow your business, you should have a reliable, user-friendly and quality eCommerce website. Otherwise, you are doomed to fail.

Nobody wants to fail. Each and every entrepreneur strives after prosperity using all possible marketing tools. Except for comfort, having a website for commercial purposes brings much more possibilities to increase sales and revenues. Besides, it is a great chance to save on marketing spending since there are plenty of efficient approaches to advertise your product or service online. Firstly, the SEO optimized website placed at the top Google ranking is a good ad itself. Secondly, numerous social media platforms will help maximize the quality of your brand, connect with audiences, and serve your bottom line for free. Now it is clear that you need a website for your shop, but how to bring it to life cheap, quick and professionally?

What Is Shopify Templates Membership?

Shopify is the most popular and advantageous eCommerce themes with a lot of extra flexible subscription plans. The Shopify templates by TemplateMonster is a good opportunity to create a fully-featured website for little money. How does it work? You can buy one of three cost-efficient subscription plans. For example, for $19/month you will access to 5 themes/month according to the Bronze Plan, but just for $49/month (or $558/year), you will be rewarded by an unlimited number of themes with unlimited downloads (Gold Plan). By comparison, one site license will cost you $139, but for that price, you achieve only one theme. So what are you waiting for? In addition, having bought the subscription plan you can save on hosting and updating software since TemplateMonster takes these expenses on itself. Your online store will be managed by the skilled Shopify team completely.

With Shopify templates, you don’t buy a pig in a poke as TemplateMonster is a reliable company with thousands of 100% satisfied customers. These top-rated themes boast user-centric and intuitive navigation, well-built pages, easy installation and functionality, and of course impeccable design. Besides, except the professionally crafted theme with an economical and reasonable price you are getting thorough documentation and comprehensive 24/7 support. After buying the theme you will just need to set it up and upload your items. No programming skills and knowledge are required. However, you may face a problem — how to choose only one theme from a huge variety of top-notch and perfectly designed templates at the Marketplace.

Why Opt for Shopify Templates by TemplateMonster

The Shopify templates by TemplateMonster are crafted with care of your business. Being stuffed with a great number of useful features and ultimate options it is easy as pie to turn the theme into the stunning website which will draw customers’ attention:

  1. They are fully responsive and adaptive to any modern device with any screen resolution. Thus your customers will have no difficulty to access to your eStore on their desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc.
  2. Each of Shopify themes is search engine friendly, so your website will have a great opportunity to gain the Google top ranking with minimum effort.
  3. Most of the themes are suitable for any kind of store: fashion, beauty, furniture, jewelry, kids goods, and so on.
  4. They have all necessary tools for providing an intuitive navigation throughout the website.
  5. There are plenty of additional plugins, extensions, and different integrations to enrich your website and make it look and function properly.
  6. At TemplateMonster you are getting the list of cost-efficient Shopify subscription plans to choose from: Bronze Plan with 60 themes for $228 ($19/mo for 5 themes), Silver Plan with 120 themes for $348 ($29/mo for 10 themes), or Gold Plan with unlimited themes for $588 ($49/month with unlimited downloads). You can decide in favor of any of these plans that fits your expectations.
  7. Subscription plans give you a unique chance to be ahead of the game and test the newest templates just after their release. For this, follow your annual subscription plan with paying for the bulk of themes monthly.

Why You Need More than One Theme!

If you are planning to expand your business in the near future or just propel it to a new level, you will definitely need more than one theme. Even for one online store, it would be better to try several themes to choose the best one which absolutely responds to your needs. When buying the cheapest Bronze plan you will have a great chance to work over the year with 60 top-notch Shopify themes at just $228. By comparison, one collection contains fewer themes than you achieve due to this plan. When you buy one template, you can’t be sure that it is 100% suitable for your eStore. However, having an access to 60 or 120 themes you will find the perfect one, no doubt. Buy, test, compare and set the perfect website up.

If you are a web designer working on several projects, such a subscription plan of the Shopify themes is a real catch to you! You will have a chance to try various templates, compare their look and functionality, and launch more than one website with different interfaces. This cost-efficient offer from TemplateMonster will help you create an ideal website in a quick and easy way.

Explore the range of Shopify themes to find the right look and feel for your store. TemplateMonster’s Shopify Membership will help you find inspiration, discover numerous styles, save not only your time but also money, and at least start building your brand. Don’t hesitate, while you are nibbling on that — others boost revenue!