Life In Monochrome (Week 16)

A weekly summery of my 365 Monochrome project.

Juxtaposition 107.365 Canon EOS 6D Mark II “L” Series 50mm 1.2f
Ceiling 108.365 Canon EOS 6D Mark II “L” Series 50mm 1.2f
Flurry 109.365 Nikon D80 35mm 1.8f
Commute 110.365 Canon EOS 6D Mark II “L” Series 50mm 1.2f
The Reader 111.365 Canon EOS 6D Mark II “L” Series 50mm 1.2f
CENTRA 112.365 Canon EOS 6D Mark II “L” Series 50mm 1.2f
Louis in the box 113.365 Canon EOS 6D Mark II “L” Series 50mm 1.2f

The week prior to Christmas is always about the journey for me. Lots of gatherings, places to be, shopping, meetings, last minute deadlines and of course closing up “shop” and making room for travel to be with family here in Poland. Looking back at this time it is interesting the things that caught my eye and struck me as important or stayed with me and made me pause a second longer than normal during the bustle of the holiday season. Images that when I came home at the end of the day greatly appealed to my need for stillness and spoke to me of that need. Reflections in windows, Ceilings and sides of buildings in snow all spoke of that quiet to me and seems to have been what my inner eye sought.

“The Reader” made me pause a bit and take in a little time to remind myself how important reading is to me and how much I often miss browsing the bookstores looking for something new to challenge my imagination with. People read a lot here in Poland and there are plenty of bookstores to browse, but my grasp on the written language is till very infantile and the aspect of browsing titles is not quite the same. I do however, love to frequent these bookstores and get my fill of the smells, bustle, and soak in the feel of the environment even if there is something missing for me.

Seeing people read on the tram, at the tram stop, in a coffee shop, waiting in line, etc always draws me eye and brings out the curiosity as to what has captured their attention so well. I have my e-reader now and shuffle through a variety of books on it. But, when I get back home in the States, among the first things I love to do is get to a “Half-Price Books” and browse for hours undisturbed.

The last image is of my boy cat Louis. He loves boxes and it seems that the smaller the box it is, the better. He is not a small cat by any means, but I think he thinks he is. He also knows we are leaving for a few days and this always makes him a little bit anxious and extra clingy. His usual tactic is to play cute, like this for a bit and as soon as we get our jackets on and the luggage ready, he will jump on my shoulders in his own attempt to not allow us to leave. Every single time. Adorable but he sure knows how to lay on the guilt!

And next week we usher in 2018 and the changes that will come. Exciting!

Thank you for watching!

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