Life In Monochrome (Week 18)

A weekly summery of my 365 Monochrome project.

Erik Witsoe
Jan 17, 2018 · 3 min read
Signs 121/365 Canon EOS 6D Mark II “L” Series 50mm 1.2f
New Years Eve Showdown 122.365 Canon EOS 6D Mark II “L” Series 50mm 1.2f
The Man in Black 123.365 Canon EOS 6D Mark II “L” Series 50mm 1.2f
Parallelism 124.365 Canon EOS 6D Mark II “L” Series 50mm 1.2f
Framed 125.365 Canon EOS 6D Mark II “L” Series 50mm 1.2f
Two Crows 126.365 Canon EOS 6D Mark II “L” Series 50mm 1.2f
Cathedral 127.365 Canon EOS 6D Mark II “L” Series 50mm 1.2f

2018. Already the year is setting the pace for what s to come in my world. In a week we move from our humble home of Poznan and make way to the city of Warsaw where I will be continuing on my Polish adventure and chasing light through new streets and new discoveries. But that is to come.

The first week of 2018 was business as usual in the way of captures. Still waiting for winter to arrive, there are plenty of rian filled puddles to grab a reflection of. Nothing has frozen over quite yet. My favorite image from the first week has to be New Years Eve Showdown #122 of 365 taken on the rooftop of my apartment in the Jezyce District. At the time I wrote this for the Flickr image

“A few minutes past midnight and while looking out the window enjoying the New Years fireworks I noticed these two making their way across the rooftop looking for a vantage spot to call their own. Watching them cross the top reminded me of so many films and with the explosions of fireworks it was an easy jump as the scene itself was a bit surreal. If they had drawn swords and began to fight then and there I would not have been surprised.”

But the images “Cathedral” and “Two Crows” remain some of my favorite images of the entire 365 so far and allude to the idea that I am searching for a way to deepen and broaden my style by creating images that draw heavily on the imagination and emotive nature of the viewer.

Great week and very inspiring! I am a little behind in getting my weeks put together, but eventually they will all be told one way or another. Thank you for watching!

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Gear supplied by my amazing partners at Digital24. Stop by and tell them Erik sent you! You can also read a little about the Canon EOS 6D II that Digital24 has so generously provided (rocking a “L” series 50mm 1.2…..and I am floored by how good it is).

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