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I will be interested to see how this plays out. Internal division is a possibility. My understanding of the NFL demographics (at least among the players) goes something like this: around one third white, most of the rest black/mixed, with a small percent Samoan/Tongan players. Most of the white players are offensive linemen and QBs who strike me as overwhelmingly conservative: both the heavily tatted hunting/fishing “country boys” and the cosmopolitan “country club” Tom Brady types. (Of course, the as of now retired Peyton Manning is sort of a combination of the two.)

I also suspect a larger than expected contingent of black conservatives — the NFL version of Ben Carson. Anyway, I mention all of this to anticipate a potential “anti-Kaepernick coalition” … although, really, nothing will probably happen outside of a few more tweets and maybe a late hit or two.

The bigger question might be this: how will Goodell manage to botch this situation?

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