Hardships of entrepreneurship majors or how to swim in water full of sharks

How to say something about entrepreneurship and not to sound like you are trying too hard to sound smart.

We know how you feel stormy

As an entrepreneurship major, I have collected some amount of knowledge about that subject. For example, I can argue with you for hours whether or not entrepreneurs are raised or born, or how important it is to write a business plan. But when it comes to practice, no theory in the world can explain why some processes are working for one business and fail for the other. I listened dozens of entrepreneurs lecture about their business and analyzed as much case studies, and still scared to death of the idea that one day I could run my own business. Don’t get me wrong entrepreneurship is my passion and I love to study about it. Ever since I was little I was exposed to it through the family business. I learned then that there is no sweeter wine than the one that is in your customer’s hands. You can’t learn that in school, you must feel it in order to understand. It’s a game of trials and errors until you finally get it.

At school you will learn to name that processes, you will learn about models, strategies, finances, leadership and finally, you will learn to write business plans even thou you will never even try to bring it to life. It’s all good and sparkles but if you are not using that knowledge as you learn it there is a little sense to it. We all know that cash flow is the king, and how balance sheet is supposed to look like but most of us never had to deal with the actual problem of outstanding receivables. And then what happens, there always this one guy/girl with his own startup that is killing it and you are just standing there listening to his/her lecture trying to put two and two together. That’s not even the main problem of entrepreneurship majors.

The biggest problem is that you were given all that super useful tools but you don’t know what to make of them. Because of that, our ideas rarely have any real substance, we can make market analysis for selling air and still make it look profitable but that doesn’t mean its good idea. Basically, we are like sea shells, we need to work in cooperation in order to move forward.

But it’s not all that bad, you get to learn about wonderful business stories. You meet all kinds of people and learn about sweat, tears, and neverending struggle but also about passion, vision and dreams coming true.

Written by Ana Čobanković