Misleading Yoplait Commercial

Need for Physiological Needs

As I was watching TV, I saw a Yoplait Greek Yogurt commercial. This commercial had Dominic Purcell holding the yogurt while he ate some of it. He said that his expression will change once he eats the yogurt. However, his expression stayed the same. Although this commercial includes a famous actor eating the yogurt representing physiological needs, it is not an effective advertisement that would make people want to buy this product.

First off, Dominic Purcell starts off by saying that his expression on his face is hunger. He then proceeds to say that once he eats the yogurt, “you’ll see a look of satisfaction and content blossom”. When he ate the yogurt, the expression on his face did not change. This contradicts his point that the yogurt will make you feel better. It is misleading in ways that people think the yogurt will satisfy them, but it actually does not. Dominic Purcell portrays this misleading message very clearly.

In addition, the main focus of this commercial is on Dominic Purcell. His voice is very monotone and he does not seem like he is enjoying eating the yogurt. He said that the look on his face represents hunger which is a physiological need. That is the reason he is eating the yogurt. After he eats the yogurt, it is supposed to satisfy him. However, his voice is still monotone even after he eats it. His expression is still the same and he does not seem like he is enjoying the Greek Yogurt.

All in all, this commercial is not very effective. The monotone voice of Dominic Purcell and his serious expression on his face does not influence anyone to buy this yogurt. Even though he said that the yogurt satisfied him, it did not seem like it. This commercial was very contradicting and does not make people want to buy this product. It sends a negative message saying that the product will not satisfy you even though you say it might. This commercial is important because it is an example of an advertisement that could be worse for the company. People may not want to buy this product because of the way it has been advertised. It sends a negative message about it that could affect the selling of their product.