Humans of Prospect

By Eddie

Q1: “I would probably say George washington ‘cuz… I really like American history, and how… he like created the country.”

Q2: “I dunno if i’d like to be famous, but i think with fame comes money, and having money, so…. If I didn’t wanna be famous I would probably want to be like something with music, because it’s not very intensive.”

Q3: “I would say like a day where I like… I like what I’m doing like 24 hours of the day. If that’s like sleeping or like waking up, like nah. Like, not being forced to do what I don’t like. Just kinda doing what I want for the day.”

Q4: “I would definitely want the body. Because if you had the mind of a 30 year old… you would get so frustrated with your body, like wanting to go and do all this stuff, but not being able to do all that stuff.”

Q5: “I’m just kinda like a positive person, so I just kinda like always think of going of natural causes… like old age, ya know?”

Q7: “I think i’ve just lived in this like neighborhood. And you see like, all this stuff happening all over the world, and you’re like ‘Thank god I’m not there’.”

Q8: “I wish i was kinda like, given more attention as a child. Ya know, because i’m like, one of five, ya know? You kinda just learn lessons for yourself. You kinda just learn what to do and what not to do instead of your parents.”

Q9: “I was kinda like you (Eddie) growing up… Like, growing up, like… I kinda lived in the same house my whole life, so, like… I kinda didn’t have to deal with moving or whatever… um… Like when i was little, my dad’s job it was kinda like… He was gone a lot… and it was kinda chaotic in the house with just my mom in the house… and I’ve always had babysitters in the house, and they were always in highschool, so I always looked up to them, so I was kinda excited to go to highschool. I have a dog, and we first get him when he was little, and he’s like 7 now. And my sister went to college, and, like, she was the first… so we’ve never had to deal with someone gone that long…and it’s just kinda weird when she comes back because the dynamic has kinda changed… And that’s pretty much it… There’s not been that much more interesting.”

Q10: “I just wanna wake up being a morning person. Because getting out of bed every morning… like oh my god, ya know. So, that’s probably the ability that I would want to have.”

Q11: “I wouldn’t really ask anything cuz… I would kina wanna live my life like… In like two weeks you’re gonna break your leg… and I would be looking over my back like ‘how’s it gonna happen’, ya know?”

Q12: “I’ve always kind of like… trained the thought of like… I should kinda work hard at school, but like… shit… that hasn’t happened yet…”

Q13: “I have four younger sister… I’ve just kinda like… not like… kinda like me… and take my goals… and kinda like raise them… and make sure they’re on the right path… and I’m really happy about that…”

Q14: “I dunno I think like… someone i can really trust… like.. Talk about really anything with them.. And not… and like know that they are taking you seriously… and that they’re not… like gonna tell anyone everything…”

Q15: “I just got my lisence.. And after a couple of months i got a speeding ticket… and I got in an altrecation with the cop… cuz he was kinda like a dick… but then also.. Then my parents were always making jokes… but they were still mad about it.”

Q16: “I would just kinda live… like… my life… like just take more chances… don’t be so laid back…”

Q18: “I’m with someone, too… I just want someone who… just gets you through… that kinda like… that person who can help you get through a lot of stuff… and if you’re like going through something like a bad fight with your parents.. and they can be there for you… so that they can like help you through that.”

Q19: “(About chance) With like, all the bad stuff in your life… you’d think that like you’d have a bad attitude, but you don’t.”

Q20: “I would say I’m pretty warm with both my parents, so I’m pretty happy about that… and like most of my family is pretty good with eachother.”

Q21: “I know my mom is pretty close, i mean… you could call me like a momma’s boy, and stuff.”

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