Walking Home

Ten o’ clock PM, walking home from my friends house. “It’s fine, I don’t need a ride. My house is close enough” I half-heartedly assure myself. “Nobody could drive me anyway, and it’s too late to wait for anyone”. I set off from the house, the light from the townhouses fade, leaving only the stars to illuminate my journey back home. A cold wind howls, and a twig snaps. Hurriedly, I check my back — Nothing. I stand there for a few seconds, still nothing. I squint my eyes, unsatisfied, and turn back around. The familiar clacking of my shoes hitting the pavement is the only sound that night. The grass ruffles, I ignore it “It must be some squirrel or something” I nervously assure myself. I press on. The streets are dead, no cars, no people, no life. I turn towards the park next to my friends house, and examine the cold, empty field. The utter darkness of the park unnerves me, and I keep moving. I check behind me, nothing. I stop at a fountain near the park to calm myself. I sit on the edge of the fountain, and gather myself and my thoughts. The night was still, too much so. No crickets, no cicadas, no birds, anything. The silence of the night was deafening. I quickly scout out the park, it’s too dark to see anything remarkable. The trees dance with the silent winds of the night, and are the only things that break the silence. I shake my head “I’m just freaking myself out. I need to get home.” I hurriedly gather myself, and get up from the fountain and speed-walk towards my destination. A nearby owl hoots, frantically, I check my surroundings, nothing but nebulous darkness, impenetrable by the human eyes. An abyssal maw of ever consuming darkness blocks my path, as I speed across the darkened paths leading to my house. I’m on the home stretch, one last block then I’m home safe. My chest pounding, my heart practically screaming to be free “Just a little while longer” I continuously tel myself. Then a crunch. I stop dead, paralyzed, and filled with dread. My mind begins to race, I swallow hard, expecting what’s to come. I steel myself, and slowly turn around — Emptiness. I am greeted with the most horrific sight imaginable to man, and begin to sprint home “I’m almost home, and I want to get there now!” I speed towards my house, my legs carry me faster than they ever have before. I sprint towards my house, getting ever closer. The sound of leaves being crushed and my dead sprint echoes through the neighborhood, breaking the ever-dreadful silence of the accursed night. I’m almost there, that’s my house! I turn the bend into my driveway leading to the backdoor, the only door with a key nearby. I run, and throw open the door, sweating, panting, frightened, I hurriedly enter the code to receive my key. I fumble, drop the key, check behind me, there it is. With even more prudence to open the door, I stick the key in the keyhole, and quickly twist, the door budges, I push with great force. I enter the house, it disappears. The omnipresent force, weighing on me constantly disappears. A sigh of relief, I am safe, safe from even my own mind.

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