The solution to the problem is never solving the problem.

Last week, I was in a meeting of a co-work space I’m part of. During the meeting a few problems were laid out on the table for discussion. So we ended up discussing these problems and possible solutions. This created a certain vibe. A vibe of “we know how things should be, and in order to keep them this way, we should solve our problems”. It was funny and a bit sad to be part of this meeting. As the inspiration level was quite low. I already noticed during the meeting and didn’t dare to express myself as I thought/ feared that they wouldn’t understand. We were putting our attention to keeping the existing in place instead of asking ourselves what inspires us to create. The latter is the question we should always ask. What inspires us to be here? What is the gift we want to give to the world?

So we never have to solve a problem anymore. We only have to find what inspires us to create.