We’re gods

We’re gods, able to create our state of being and our own reality. We’re one. We’re all of life. Everything happens in our consciousness. What else can we do than love all of ourselves?

Whatever frequency from the “outside” doesn’t resonate we can easily pass it by. It just doesn’t match our state of being. It just doesn’t find a match in the energetic world or in our preferred reality. We don’t do it to neglect part of reality. I can just say no to something that doesn’t match my frequency. Inclusively saying no, from the realization that’s an integral part of ourselves. As everything is.

I believe we as a human species hardly realize the godness of ourselves.The creatorship that we have. To be able to always determine the way we feel.

With our power to imagine, we activate new realities from the non-physical part of ourselves. We tune into our power to create something new. We tune into the part of us that’s always available, we tune into our souls and the source of life that’s always here with us. That what we inherently are. When we imagine, we turn our attention to the source of ourselves, connected to every part of our being that’s not so obvious from the physical point of view, yet way closer to who we actually are.

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