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I’ve been a New York-based reporter for about a decade and a freelancer since 2012. But in a few days, I’ll be a Cambridge, Mass. resident. And starting February 1, I’ll be an editor at MIT Technology Review.

Big changes!

I’m super excited about my new job and my new city. First, here are some details about the job, which is the reason I’m moving north.

I’m joining MIT Technology Review to help write and edit the magazine’s Business Reports section. If you’re unfamiliar with Business Reports, it’s the part of MIT Technology Review that documents how new technologies are…

On the edge of Cisco Systems’ San Jose, California campus, inside a windowless, temperature-controlled room, an ambitious project aims to document the company’s three-decade ascent to global networking giant.

The project is the Cisco Archive, a collection of Cisco-related items that chronicles the company’s history. Peek inside the room that houses the Archive and you’ll see floor-to-ceiling shelves of neatly labeled artifacts, ranging from retired products to software reference manuals, employee handbooks and old advertisements.

“We realized we had a lot of stuff relating to Cisco history and we should take good care of it and respect it,” explains Mike…

eBay’s Valet program, which sells people’s items on eBay on a consignment basis, has sparked criticism in its first year of service, but is improving. Here’s what consumers should know about eBay Valet.

A lot of us have stuff that we don’t use, that clogs up our drawers and closets and basements and attics without imparting joy or value to our lives. We know we should eject these extraneous objects from our homes, but we’re busy, we’re tired, we don’t know the best way to get rid of them. If only there were an easy, efficient option for selling these unwanted items and making some money…

Is eBay’s “Valet” consignment service the solution? eBay would like us to think so, but the real answer is…it’s complicated.

Valet is eBay’s latest version of the “sell-my-stuff-on-eBay-for-me” services that have cropped up over the years, such as eBay drop-off stores and eBay “Trading Assistants.”

eBay drop-off stores—physical shops where people bring…

Elizabeth Woyke

Business/technology journalist and author of The Smartphone: and

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