Meet The Food Delivery Workers In The Decentralised Dickensian Online Gig Economy.
Asher Wolf

You’ve put a human dimension on this issue. Thankyou.

Until now I have been merely worried about the drivers and pedestrians having to deal with food delivery cyclists going the wrong way up lanes and riding along the footpath. I can see now that the problem is much greater than that.

Our govt tells people to just get a better job, but does nothing to ensure there are better jobs. If these companies are operating within regulations, then the regulations are broken. If they are operating outside of regulations then we need better enforcement.

I’m sick of industrial relations being framed in terms of “bad” unions and “free” enterprise. The rights to make more profit should not outweigh the right to a safe workplace and living wage. The entire debate overlooks that the “workers” are real live people. They are flesh and blood. They have hopes and dreams. They bleed.

We can do better than merely treat people as a resource for corporations. A good government would make this a priority. I’m not sure our democratic system in it’s current form is achieving anything like “good government”.

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