My MEST Experience

My Mest Experience

“ There is no superhuman, the difference between the most successful man and the less successful is most times down to knowledge” just like most things it can’t be inherited.

I have always dreamt of greatness and also being part of something big but like greater men before me, I am left with the thought of “how do I transition from where I am to where I want to be. Fast forward 3 months down line I got an opportunity to attend

The program was scheduled for 1st September 2017at the Radisson Blu hotel. Considering the fact that I stay on the mainland I had to leave home early, I got in a bit late and I had a brief chat with Tobi Lafihan before going in.

On entering the room the atmosphere was calm with people seated already, I had to settle for the sit by the corner. The visited kicked started with Tomi Davis asking “ what is the difference between Angel investor and Venture Capital?”.

“ What Angel investors look for in a Tech start-up”

Every business has a life cycle

· Ideation period

· Family and Friends funding

· Prototyping

· Pitching

I learned there are guidelines needed to create a pitch or seeking to fund from Angel investors with Tomi Davies using a personal experience to buttress some points. Every business or Start-up must have a vision which is the business vision and every business vision must also have a POEM.


· Who is it for?

· What is the need?

· Who is completion?

· Any regulatory condition?


· Startup team

{Profile of top Team members (directors, advisors).}

· Getting to market

{explain how you intend to get in front of customers}

{Address the issues of accessing customers}


· Customer Economics

· Financials


· Your History

· Current Status

· Key Milestones

Contrary to my opinion that Angel Investment was all about giving money alone, giving out money is the least of what they offer. Their contacts and connections are key and best of all are their guidance and mentorings.

After spending three hours listening to the facilitator, asking questions and listening to various replies and learning a lot from them, it was time to network with fellow participants which was fun. I met Jaiyeola Coker of Gtbank, Tobi Lafihan of Mest amongst other people.