Eric writes a Medium post when he should be working


Donald Trump uses unsecured Android Phone while in office

I wonder if he uses it to send emails. I don’t think anyone would get caught up on something so meaningless though…

Tech companies begin fight against municipal broadband rules

My home state has rules like this to prevent cities from competing with glorious Time Warner Cable, it seems like the literal definition of regulatory capture.

AT&T and T-Mobile continue to offer oddly specific deals to subscribers who switch from the other

Competition is good and all, but I feel like just competing on price or service would be preferable.

Sega adds classic game soundtracks to Spotify

This is the single best thing I’ve ever read

Trump tells EPA to pull climate change information

They should just skip ahead a few steps and call them the Ministry of Climate.

New FCC chairman Ajit Pai states some new goals of FCC

The goals seem fairly positive, but the guy voted against lots of pro-consumer regulation under Tom Wheeler’s FCC, including Net Neutrality. Until further notice, he’s basically the Dingo that John Oliver thought Tom Wheeler would be.

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