I’m Totally Busted!
Alex Rowe

Well, you really like to write stuff, appreciate the long reply.

There’s alot of fair points, aplogies if i’ve insulted you in some way, didn’t meant anything serious, was just bit surprised that clouds are almost even to dt’s in sound quality.

I do not own DT 770/990 etc also i do not own the HyperX.
I was just looking for a bunch of reviews, did crazy research what to get for myself so ended up deciding between DT 990, HD 598, SHP9500 and Clouds for gaming and some casual home use. After long time of getting an overall idea the Clouds and SHP9500 dropped from my list cause they’re bit on the lower end side, so the battle is now between HD 598 and DT990. 
Also in your review you claimed that the DT’s are more clear in sound, so it automatically makes them better. I doubt that clouds and dt’s comfort are even that noticeably different, also the looks,build is pretty much identical, clouds ofcourse has more stuff such as surround, mic etc so maybe they’re better based on these aspects, but headphones is mostly all about sound, isn’t it?

Well you could introduce some additional rating system, like 10 point system, will also help some people that aren’t rly into reading every single word so you could rate each category from 0.0 to 10.0 based on lets say other sub catogeries. 
Here’s an example:

Cloud 2:
Gaming — 9.6
Music — 8.1
Movies — 8.9
Soundstage — 9.2

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