Exam HPE0-Y53: Building HPE SDN and FlexNetwork Solutions


Exam HPE0-Y53: Building HPE SDN and Flex Network Solutions, is administered in English by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The candidates will be given 1 hour and 55 minutes to attempt a total of 60 questions, and they will have to manage a 65% score to pass. The format of the exam paper will be based on multiple choice questions, requiring the candidates to choose one or more than one options as correct.

For preparation, the test takers can order study guides and HPE0-Y53 Brain Dumps online and opt for self-tutoring. These guides contain detailed explanations of all the exam topics, their questions and thorough answer elucidations, which can further the candidates’ preparation and ensure a competitive score. Following are the exam topics over which the test takers will be assessed:

Foundational HPE Networking:

Extensively knowing the topics of requirements and architecture of data centers, application of foundational SDN (Software Defined Networking) architecture, HPE Flex Fabric Portfolio, evaluation of HPE market, effectiveness of HPE in meeting customer needs, and HPE SDN solutions will award the candidates with 18% of the aggregate marks.

Strategize and Devise HPE Networking Solutions:

The candidates need to be able to plan and strategize the employment of HPE solutions, the usage of data enter technologies (including MDC, VPLs, SPBM, DCB, and VXLAN), and the impact of technology design at the data centers. This portion will constitute 15% of the total exam questions.

Installation and Configuration of HPE Networking Solutions:

The candidates need to know about the implementation of HPE SDN solutions, of Open Flow, network conceptualization on HPE solutions, and configuration of HPE switched to support the LAN/SAN framework. In depth knowledge of the aforementioned topics will award the candidates with 40% of the exam total.

Enhancing and Upgrading the HPE Networking Solutions:

The candidates need to be well acquainted with using HPE SDN solutions to maximize user friendliness, optimize network performance, and enhance security and quality of the service provided. They should also be familiar to provision of resiliency and load-balancing within the realms of the data center infrastructure.

Addressing the issues with functioning:

In the implementation of the data center technologies, there might be some glitches, which the candidates need to recognize. They need to have complete knowledge of how to address, repair and troubleshoot any and all issues that may arise in HPE network solutions. Doing so will award them with a further 5% of the aggregate.

Administration and Operation of HPE Network Solutions:

The candidates are expected to know extensively about backups, restorations, and maintenance of HPE Solutions via the Application Manager; use of Protector SDN Application, Visualizer SDN Application, Optimizer SDN Application; and Web Interface options. This section will earn the candidates with 7% of the aggregate marks of the HPE0-Y53 Exam.

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