How to Get PMP Certified

The PMP certification has become a staple for project management jobs. You see more and more project management jobs on or requiring candidates to be PMP certified. In fact, a recent study found that 10% of project manager jobs in North America now require the candidate to be PMP certified.

So if you are serious about a career in project management, this post was written for you. Here are 3 tips to help with your studying.

1. Memorize the PMP Process Chart.

A little known secret is that you have 15 minutes before your actual PMP exam starts to write down any notes that you may need.

Since the PMP Process Chart is the “skeleton” of the PMBOK, it is a great resource to have on your cheat sheet.

Practice drawing the process chart once or twice a day for a week or two before your PMP exam.

Here’s an article on how to create and memorize the PMP Process Charts.

2. Understand the ITTOs.

There are 47 processes and 10+ ITTOs for each process. It is impossible to memorize 500 ITTOs! This is the section that a lot of PMP candidates struggle with.

The trick to know is that you DO NOT need to memorize the ITTOs. You will 1) drive yourself crazy, and 2) it is not necessary.

The important thing to understand what each ITTO is, what it does on the project, and why it was included in a particular process. When you understand the why, the “memorization” comes naturally.

Here is an ITTO Mind Map that we have found that can assist with your studying.

3. Use memory aids.

Let’s start off by defining what a memory aid is. A memory aid is associating phrase or an acronym of something you already know to a foreign concept you don’t already know.

Here’s an example:

Recall that the 10 Knowledge Areas (KAs) in the PMBOK guide are: Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, HR, Communications, Risk, Procurement, Stakeholders.

If you are trying to solely memorize these 10 KAs, without any memory aids, it will take you a long time.

The phrase that will help you remember the 10 KAs is “I Saw The Cat. Quick! He Can Run Pretty Swiftly.”

Note that the first letter of the phrase above matches with the first letters of the 10 KAs. It is much easier to remember this phrase than the 10 KAs.

For more memory aids like this one, click here.

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