5 Altcoins to Watch

Here’s a look at 5 still obscure altcoins that just might be the next big cryptocurrency.

The global cryptocurrency market is currently valued at about $80 billion. At the outset of this year, the value was just $17.7 billion. This evidently translates to steady growth and resilience amid doubts surrounding the alternative currency industry. It screams of stability and longevity; a reality that continuously fuels the growing interest in this relatively nascent market.

Bitcoin, the industry’s propriety eponym, remains the cryptocurrency market’s biggest entity in terms of market cap, price, supply circulation and popularity. Ethereum was created to introduce an improved version of bitcoin. Ripple then tried to improve on that — and so forth and so forth. Exante offers access to the aforementioned coins, plus Monero, Zcash and Dash. Here’s a look at 5 young altcoin projects that our experts say just might be the next big thing — and perhaps will someday be traded on our platform too.


Market Cap: $167,700,776

Current price: $1.66

The ZCash-based platform has one goal in mind: introduce a blockchain-for-everyone methodology that will let other virtual coins (popular or not) use its own infrastructure in order to obtain more security. The currency launched in late 2016 supports zero knowledge proofs and anonymous transactions. It also foregoes the need for nodes and millions of dollars just to secure its blockchain; Komodo does this by simply utilizing Bitcoin’s own blockchain. Komodo’s success, experts believe, could open doors to newer and better methodologies for improving altcoin safety, especially if more developers will challenge to outdo its unique platform.


Market Cap: $413,053,878

Current price: $0.99

This particular currency is actually a digitization of the US dollar (and other currencies), giving real currencies access to the cryptocurrency’s blockchain. It also offers zero transaction fees, and a tether coin can easily be converted into its corresponding currency any time. Basically, tether is Ripple that is connected to Bitcoin protocol. What makes it promising is that it has consistently trended among other smaller altcoins since the second quarter of the year.


Market Cap: $263,193,743

Current price: $1.09

Steem, which enjoyed success through its unique “collectivist” concept, was quite big in 2016. However, experts are saying that it’s not time to give up on the promising altcoin yet. In May, the Coin Telegraph itself declared that the social media altcoin is back on track and ready to rule the cryptocurrency market anew. It is now valued at over $200 billion for over a dollar, a big jump from its losses last year.


Market Cap: $1,762,047,000

Current price: $0.20

NEM is starting to become bigger, and it has not reached its peak yet. Sooner or later, its growing popularity in its native Japan will reach the US consciousness, paving the way for enhanced interest and expanding market value. Adding to its attractiveness is that unlike investors of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, NEM supporters are actually getting paid, making its internal system safer and more efficient. The company itself promises to introduce more developments in its system in order to support that inevitable growth.


Market Cap: $73,693,894

Current price: $0.89

Finance experts call it the “future of gambling” because it tackles the ever-present quandaries in the casino realm: the inevitable built-in edge and the absence of transparency. Basically, edgeless has turned the table in favour of the bettors and the players by simply offering what many online and brick-and-mortar casinos don’t. With transparency on hand, Edgeless Token Holders could win as much as 30 to 40 percent through the platform’s profit sharing model, a factor that makes it enticing to many cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

To be able to succeed in the cryptocurrency market, it pays to understand the currency’s potential first before subscribing to its promises or even dealing with the best online brokerage platforms. Also, just like how the finance world works, the cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving and updating. What is certain about this market are its assured industry endurance, its growing popularity, and its potential to replace the existing digital payment systems that we’re enjoying today. It definitely is on the rise, expanding, and most importantly, evolving for the better.