Importing CSV from Google Drive to Google Sheets
Sep 13, 2018 · 2 min read

So you ran into that issue where you have a CSV file on your Google Drive, and you wanted to import it into your Google Sheets using the =IMPORTDATA formula.

You are excited to automate your life, but sadly, you get this error:

Result was not expanded automatically, please insert more columns (63).

There Is a Solution!

To get your CSV file imported into that Google Sheets table, you need to do the following.

Step 1: Share that file as the publicly accessible link (view only)

Right-click on that file on your Google Drive.

Choose the “Get shareable link” on the menu.

Copy that link you get, and paste in some text editor.

Your link will look like this:

or like this:

Step 2: Change this link to a downloadable file link

Google Drive has a special secret link structure which allows accessing the file in such a way that it becomes downloadable instead of opening in the Google Drive file preview.

Take the “id” part from that link. In this case, it is this part:

And construct the new URL for that file, which looks like this:

You can even test it — when opening this new link, the browser should just download that CSV file. That's a sign that you got it correct!

Step 3: Put that link in your Google Sheets =IMPORTDATA formula

The =IMPORTDATA formula with imported data from CSV file which is on Google Drive

Great job! One more superpower of yours!

Maris Veide
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