Get Ready For Camping After Choosing the Appropriate Tent

If you are fresh camper planning for first camping trip, whether by yourself or with friends or family, it’s essential to know which tent is suitable as per your needs and environment. There are many prominent suppliers of Tentage in Singapore from where you can buy tents.

But before buying tents there are certain factors to know while selecting a tent that will provide you an assistance to recognize among several styles so that you can make the ideal choice. Prior to going through distinct styles here are some things which you should keep in mind.


First thing that matters a lot to consider is the size of the tent. It requires to be large enough for sleeping well as well as to store camping gear and accessories. Head room, eating space as well as living space is optional, relying on what you need.


It is even more valuable if you also consider the material of the tent you are looking for. The Canvas Supplier in Singapore provides excellent quality of canvas which is extremely durable, heavy and safe. Nylon is quite lighter yet it is prepared for serene conditions. Other material like polyester is sufficient for long time in sunny climate, as it withstands exposure to sunlight.

Weather Conditions

Another thing to consider is the climatic conditions so that you will be safe even at the time of bad weather. So for this you should ensure that whatever tent you finalize must be well suited to the weather. This implies assuring it is quite waterproof with a rain fly that provides complete coverage. Think about a tent porch for storing moist items that you don’t want inside the tent.


A robust tent will be valuable against powerful winds and other conditions. Stable tent poles, superior quality pegs as well as protected fastenings will assist. Select a tent with stitched joints for complete durability.

There are several types’ tents available in the market you can browse from such as –

· Dome Shape Tentage

These type of tents are very famous among the family and group campers. Basically made up of two of more poles passing each other all over the center of the roof, such tents give ample living areas, big head room and sometimes the skill to have different rooms and porches to store gear and tool.

· A-Shape Tentage

These type of tents are basically ‘A’ shaped when erected. They are extremely lightweight by themselves yet have an included trap for more weather protection. Within they are not very large due to the steep sloping sides. They are an easy shelter but are not much tough in strong winds. Basically these tents comprises of two poles at every end to form an apex with a solo ridgepole running down the center. A-shape tent is available in standard sizes such as 18ft, 20ft, 24ft, 28ft & 32ft.

· Single Slope Tentage

These types of tents are the extremely basic form of tentage. The single-sloping tent has one end higher than the other one. This enables superb drainage of water when it rains. Such tents are basically utilized for backstage, booths, carnivals etc. Tradition single slope tents are available in standard sizes of 9ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft & 16ft.


This is the special guide for those people who are wanderlust and loves to explore different areas. This is also useful for those who want to set up a tent for general purpose. Follow this guide and select the tent of good material that worth to money.