The Moment of Happiness

The strong willing, of the new full moon, the phenomenon, the full moon at the sandy beaches, in the middle of the nights, it’s sound dreamer’s right, by the way, I just bought the air- filter for the dirty dusks, through the air.

My style, since I love, the things, whatever it takes, it, rewarding my self, especially, the new work for work at new office. The chills, cool heart, while listen to the TLC, but sorry, no overthinking, I do writes, my ideas just like the Niagara Falls, it noticed with loud, frankly, that the…

The Shift Life After Recover

It’s quite a few time, I am not write in here. The idea is always there, but the focus a new kind of jobs, that far from, that i’ve done for more 10 years, just like i am tbe babyborn for this industries.


My loner affaction on my mobile, every I go, are still exists. Well, get more use & benefit on work of marketer. Just let the right information, for business purposes, the excitement, for the flexi time, majoring only for myself.

No more negativity, & anxiety anymore, the attend training classroom, motivate…

The New January Has Begin

The priority has changed, the quarantine for the Pendemic, early Jan 2021, still disturbing, I am going on, physical training, finally of the Security, sure find, the jobs, better than nothings, but only a few days at the camps, because, role or marketing enrollment it’s to, nearby, the corner

I have no incentive of the cash incentives, if fill the corrects amounts,is, must have attached the profitable sales, I have prefer the paper works than called, I dunno why, it’s okay the franchising is still going on, nothing else matters. I am adults, once my mind start open, nobody can stop me now

I Do Write On This Afternoon


My favourite month, December 2020, last month of the complete 12th month of the year. A lot of changes, the pain, become the past misery, the victory, come to beyond happiness, since 2021 onwards.

I always prefer my alone time now, no time for other person satisfaction. My next 41 years old, will be huge the lifestyle changes only for my self, my career and my journalism, and my Academical Writing, become the best proved for my self, that something come late, always give the best satisfaction in my whole life.

When I…

The Mind- Map on Fastest Way

Mostly, I do some random, chosen I word, to be the selected of the title or major of the field. The criteria, and the strength factor come later after, the systematic progress, anecdote, of the Mind-Map Wild Draft of Brainstorming process.

The sample, I put for the example is, Sickable person, look dark, alone, all kind of negativity, if people wrongly accused or judging her.

Frankly, I like a sole- loner type, look disability, and scares of group of people, but the reality is, the Label Women, look differ because the are unique, ugly…

Trend Of New Women Career-2021

I am, the good analyse, for new era, “ New Women Leading The New World of Intellectual, Corporates, Educational- Year 2021".

At the beginner, the feminisme issues, and gender equality really awesome. Strength of Women Leadership, The Successful Leading The Major Issues, Even though the involvement, less than 1 Century ago, since 1900 onwards.

I have a few inspiration on Women Leadership, Iron- Lady, either local or internationally. They have a strong credibility to manage the complicated issues, or prob-solving methodology, consists, the Long, Short Terms or Alternate Back Up Plans.

I do not explain…

“Today Morning With Full Bless”

I do love my mood today. I greet all my good buddy, and not forget my HRDF Community. Be in-touch with them, is the best.

Hopefully, after my industrial training, i will organised some travel trip, volunteer, and karaoke session together. Friendship, and business network, go futher.

I will more practised my write-up, more regularly. Besides, my platform here, more relevants, than any circumtances. Rise the day, stay active for everyone.

My Style of Works

It’s scarce of mind, it’s not the stain of any remote job, that I’ve always do for my writings. It’s not come necessarily, for commercial oriented, but the sense academic apalause, not for fun, but intergrity of Social Responsibility, and Social Welfare of Fundraising Events.

Me do some hardwork of struggles, of alimination of academic works, but my virtue is simple, to do what I want, Women Leadership, Academic, Educational, Merging With Text Book, or Journalistic of High Scholar Experimental of New Analysis of Library Skills Foundamental.

All the short kind to, will be compiled, and systematically, adjourning, to textbook for fenomenon historic development of well-being.

I Do Make It Differ By My Genre

Yess, I do my own version, to create my own Window Shopping, Trekking, Sightseeing, the Travel & Tourism Value, nearby my,area.

Frankly, since, I’ve joined the HRDF Programme, I can elaborate all kind of Educational, Travel, Corporate, Career Field, Computer Skills, by merging type of people, whom attend the classroom, mostly matured students, become the new form of community, to joined the new type of working opportunity, for new trends of Social Media, and E-learning improvement for New Trend especially New Economic Globally, face, Pendemic since last, March,2020.

I’m nothing, so I…

The Complicate Adjustment Life

Seriously, life quite hectic during MCO, it’s like, got earthquake, that challenge all kind of global issues, for everyone.

Alhamdulillah, using my incomplete measurement, I found the vice versa of the financial freedom income.

First of all, my problem- solving is about how to manage the unexpected uninvitable crisis, which happened, in our life.

I do a lot of research and analysis, through my own experimental, and asking the expert or people, whom older than me, so, completely, I do some action plan, that quite valuable for upcoming, 2021.

Something, I love to do is, all…

Suhaili Shelly Asmuni

Blogger for Medium Blog From Malaysia since May 2020

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