Simplify Managing Dealership With Excellon Cloud-Based Dealership Management System

As dealer management operations become more complex and highly structured endeavors. There is a definitive need for a system that caters to the specific requirements. Excellon’s cloud-based dealer management system helps manufacturers and dealers manage their dealerships via the cloud portal to ensure that dealer management operations can be administered even from a remote locations.

With the Excellon Cloud Portal once can easily & efficiently manage operation with the help of an interface for the software application to connect & interact with the Excellon DMS. There are Content Management and Administration modules that allows the mobile applications & online portals to process data. Expanded functionalities of the DMS then allow the users to undertake transactions using the software application.

The Excellon Cloud Portal is capable being integrated with a wide range of applications and can thus allow multiple functionalities. These functionalities include — payment processing, messaging, alert mechanisms and in-built analytics. Thus, the Excellon Cloud Portal can be a unified solution for a comprehensive online operations for an organization.

Content Management
The Excellon Cloud Portal has an in-built content management module. This provides a fully-featured product catalogue with images, video, text, and links to other external content. There is also an option to tag the contents with the database. Dealers can extend special price, offers and discounts etc., based on the customer’s presence in their area.

Campaign & Lead Management
The Excellon Cloud Portal allows users to design targeted marketing campaigns. For every response received there can be alerts & notifications enabled thereby allowing easier capture of leads. The leads can then be allocated to specific dealers. Dealers can then send the prospects customized quote and product information specific to the customer’s needs.

Order Processing
The Excellon Cloud Portal provides the option to book products online with the help of payment gateway integration. Dealers can display the list of spares available and customers can post orders online. Integration with the DMS then captures the entire chain of information from order booking to order processing to final invoicing and delivery of the product.