Am I less productive than ever before?

On 22 October 2015 I met Perry Timms — an inspiring speaker with a lot of strings to his bow and a lot to say. He spoke at CIM’s professional marketing standards event on digital capability and collaboration. Perry Timms talked about the fact that we and organisations employing us, need to completely radicalise the way we work — and I must say I agree.

It’s all about the people

Perry works in Human Resources and Learning at People and Transformational HR (PTHR) and spoke about seeing a recent shift in the world of work. Organisations and its people are now bothered by each other again. Before it was all about indices and employee satisfaction. Now, some organisations are more bothered about the actual people that do the work, their fulfilment, their lives. And those are the organisations who are taking their businesses to the next level.

Perry Timms, speaking at CIM’s Digital Capability and Collaboration event on 22 October 2015

Climbing up the ladder — good or bad?

It’s quite shocking that for some working hours are getting longer in London and I’m experiencing this first hand. I was recently appointed as a manager for a lean team of three. I’ve always wanted to climb up the ladder, have more purpose and fulfil my ambitions. But I feel that having taken that step up, I now work longer hours and go to more meetings. Is the bit extra pay and responsibility really worth it if you just work longer?

Perry spoke at length about human beings needing to feel fulfilled. He spoke about how an influx of emails into ones inbox raises the cortisol levels and gives you that feeling of dread. With hundreds of emails into my inbox each day and hours’ worth of meetings to go to, it’s no wonder that sometimes I feel like I haven’t achieved a whole load. Everyone’s different, but I thrive of creativity and pushing the boundaries. I just have to take the good with bad and manage the methods behind my day job (emails and meetings) that sometimes makes me feel dissatisfied.

A sense of purpose

Whilst I might not currently enjoy the methods behind my day job, nor do I feel productive sometimes, I completely have a sense of belonging to the organisation I work for. Because I believe it what they are trying to achieve and I genuinely want to be part of its success. But to get there without feeling anxious or stressed, I need to take on board a lot of Perry’s advice. Naming a few points:

Create advocates and marketers in your business — if you’re a perfectionist like me it can be crippling to delegate sometimes. But deep down I know that I can’t achieve much solo. As a manager it’s my responsibility to equip other colleagues with the tools for them to be the marketing advocates

Completely overhaul the way you work — everyone experiences silo’s — they’re so damaging and achieve nothing. Paired with that, too many of us sit behind emails, some with very little meaning. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet to radicalise the way I and our organisation works, but I am going to try lots of different things out until just something clicks

Learn from others who’ve had success — there’s some great organisations out there who are paving the way for a new way of working. Learning from the likes of World Blu and Ernst and Young, you can simply use someone else’s ideas and try them out for yourself. What’s the worst that could happen? If it doesn’t work, try something else

So from tomorrow onwards, I’m going to think more critically about the way I work and the organisation I work for works. I’m going to apply small changes here and there with the hope that over time it will radicalise the way we operate. Wish me luck!

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