Staying ahead of the pack

Why I started this blog

On 24 September I went along to the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Marketing Skills Gap event hosted by Hays, the recruitment experts. It’s safe to say that I’m so glad I went along.

I’ve been a marketer for 10 years now and a CIM member for the past year, having completed by Professional Marketing Diploma with CIM several years ago. I must admit, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with professional development. I know I should do it and when I do it’s great. But more often than not, I want to spend time with my friends or do some exercise — anything other than ‘career work.’

So after attending one of my first professional development events in a long time, I realised I needed to kick start things again. It was pretty good timing. I sat in the audience and listened to Hays talk about their recent findings on a survey about where the skill shortages are for both marketers and their employers. Whilst confidence is on the up for businesses and their marketing, employers are concerned about the shortage of suitable candidates and marketers feel there isn’t scope for career progression in their role.

Will a robot take my Marketing job?

Whilst listening to the research findings, it dawned on me that I need to stay ahead of the pack. To excel myself personally, but also within the current role I am in — a Marketing and Communications Manager at London Sport.

It’s an exciting time to be a marketer but conversely I am terrified of being unable to deliver in such a fast-moving sector.

Deloitte recently launched ‘Will a robot take your job?’ A fun but strangely scary online tool to find out how likely it is that your job can be computerised in the next two decades. Classifying myself as a ‘Marketing associate professional’ is tells me that it’s not very likely (33%) that my job will be automated. Phew.

Excel or be expelled

Even though I am currently 233rd out of 366 in the rankings of other jobs, I’m still not taking any risks. I don’t care if I hate it sometimes, I will learn to love my professional development and use all the tools and resources I can to excel my career — or else face being expelled and taken over by robots.

Follow my journey

This introductory blog post is the first of many to come over the next eight months or so. Myself and another fellow marketing blogger Eileen Donaghey will be going to the CIM’s Professional marketer series and reporting back on our experiences. With the first one being ‘Digital capability and collaboration,’ on 22 October.

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