4 Things You Must Know Before Taking an SAT Prep Course

The SATs are stressful for everyone. A few hundred points may be all that’s stopping you from getting into a top-tier college or a full-ride scholarship.

You might bethinking of joining an SAT Prep Courses after getting a mediocre score in your last test. But, picking a great SAT prep course requires a lot of research. You can do an online SAT prep course, but is that enough? There are many tutoring services available, but can you trust them?

4 Things You Must Know Before Taking a SAT Prep Course

With many SAT prep courses available, each promising to improve your score, it’s crucial for you to know which course makes the most sense. Here are the top 4 things to keep in mind when selecting an SAT prep course.

1) Feedback from previous students

The best way to find out the effectiveness of a SAT prep course is to hear from previous students about their experience. Before joining any SAT preparation service, ask for testimonials from previous students who have taken their program in the past. Feedback from these students will help you learn how effective their SAT classes were.

2) Good teachers are the most important

Most SAT prep course teachers teach the same strategies, but a really exceptional teacher can give you truly insightful tips to help you score high. A good teacher will not only boost your confidence but also save studying time by only focusing on the problem types relevant to the standardized test. However, finding such a teacher is not an easy task. Many test prep tutors will just read out of a book that is commonly available on Amazon or a neighborhood bookstore. So it’s crucial for you to ask questions about the teachers’ teaching styles to make sure they are a good fit for your learning style and have in-depth experience with the SAT.

3) The course length matters

Many courses claim to be 30 hours long,but the 30 hour include padded-time for practice tests, time spent on completing assigned homework, studying and take-home practice materials. So, it is important for you to ask about the number of actual classroom instruction hours in the program. Don’t fall for marketing that inflates course hours by including unsubstantial fillers.

4) Course Fees don’t determine quality

Getting a good SAT score at the end of the day should be the only metric to judge a prep company. How much you pay for the course shouldn’t be a major factor in your decision. After all, a good SAT score will land you in your desired top-tier university and eventually fetch you a high-paying job. Recent studies indicate that those who take up an SAT Subject Test Preparation Course have shown a significant improvement in their SAT scores.

So, always keep in mind the 4 points above while you decide to enroll for an SAT prep course. Taking up an SAT course might not guarantee you instant success, but it will definitely help you improve your SAT score.

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