Altonomy arrives to Latin America hand-in-hand with Ubanx

Altonomy, the leading provider in market innovation and solutions in the digital markets industry arrives to Latin America by the hand of Ubanx, to contribute with its services to the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the region, Ubanx Exchange.

Ubanx Exchange is the largest Exchange in Latin America with access to more than 30 million customers in the continent thanks to the partnerships made by its parent company Ubanx. Additionally, it holds a strong relationship with one of the biggest exchanges on the region, the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, which allows Ubanx Exchange to provide financial and trading education to its community.

The Exchange offers the capability to its customers to enter the cryptocurrency markets using their own local currency, providing a full FIAT-TO-CRYPTO capability. In addition, provides a dual, easy-to-use interface. One version, for non sophisticated traders on a beginning stage, and the other, for more advanced users wanting to experience digital markets in greater detail.

The sell-side trading business of traditional finance markets is largely missing in the emerging, volatile crypto market. Up until now, there has not been an independent sell-side trading desk to provide effective crypto asset and liquidity management services. A new “broker-dealer” model for the crypto market is sorely needed, one that brings the highest degree of professionalism, transparency, proprietary technology and a global partner network to the emerging crypto market. Altonomy provides an efficient solution by delivering HIGH-VALUE OTC TRADING, LIQUIDITY MANAGEMENT, CRYPTO ASSET MANAGEMENT and AFTERMARKET ADVISORY.

The Ubanx-Altonomy partnership definitely assures a successful future for Ubanx Exchange.

More About Altonomy

Altonomy’s mission is to deliver institutional-grade trading, liquidity and asset management expertise to the emerging crypto market.

Altonomy is a cryptocurrency trading, advisory and asset management firm. The company is the first dedicated sell-side trading desk that provides institutional-grade OTC trading, advisory and asset management services for the crypto market.

Our partners include the industry’s top market cap crypto projects, exchanges and hedge funds. Our global team and network, proven track record and best-in-class infrastructure enable us to be the trusted secondary market partner in volatile market.