In the summer time when the weather is high, You can chase right up and touch the sky — just like the ExchangeCoin ecosystem in the upcoming months!

Hello again!

How the time flies… At least for us! It’s been almost half a year since our latest status update. All this time we’ve spent working hard on our ecosystem. Those last months of more “quiet” presence don’t at all mean that we did not work — quite contrary!

We’ve achieved…

With the search for that elusive passive income among investors and the financially savvy increasing in popularity, masternodes offer crypto investors yet another opportunity to earn an income from their holdings, while supporting the infrastructure of the coins they love. …

Anonymity is the key to succesfull modern investing.

If there’s anything cryptocurrency investors should keep in mind while trading it’s this: if it’s not anonymous, it’s not safe.

As cryptocurrency continues to grow in market capitalization, therefore attracting increased government scrutiny, crypto traders should be aware of the risks they face when their identity or private information is…

We’ve come a long way, but it’s just the beginning!

Hello everyone!

2020 was a hell of a year, but it finally came to an end. That being said, I’m truly glad that we have overcome the worst of times, and what’s more important —the ExchangeCoin Ecosystem has survived, and it’s regaining momentum at last!

It was 14 months ago when I…

The ExchangeCoin Ecosystem project

The ExchangeCoin (EXCC) is a decentralised, open-source cryptocurrency that’s been on the market since 2017. It is one of the rare cryptocurrencies that reflects the features of real products, similar to the traditional stock exchange.

Through the years, It also offered a highly reliable assurance; it…

We are happy to announce yet another update of – the fully anonymous cryptocurrency exchanger.

What do we deliver this time?

The most exciting part of our most recent update is the launch of a fully anonymous affiliate program, with the rewards up to 50% of our fees.

Now, you can earn while recommending us…


The first month of the new year is almost behind us, so it’s high time to present you with the 2020 action plan.

2019 Summary

Before I begin, I will briefly summarize 2019. It was a very difficult, tough and full of unpredictable events period.

It started with the unexpected resignation…, pay with crypto for your favourite servers

Anonymous Cloud Hosting — a new product from ExchangeCoin Team is here.

ExchangeCoin delivers again! This time something which wasn’t planned in our roadmap but we have decided to give it a try.

Meet — simple, powerful and anonymous cloud hosting, delivered by the most trusted providers. …


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