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What is Lupecoin and How to buy Lupecoin

Lupecoin is the first ever ERC20 “Proof of Friendship” token. In a time of depression and bear market carnage, @ senorLupe came to rescue us with funny, uplifting, and positive tweets. In honor of his friendship and “i no scare” mentality, lupecoin ($LUPE) was born. Lupecoin aims to be “Doge 2.0” but offer a decentralized friendship token for “is frens” of Lupe. We love the community Lupe has inspired and we hope you love $LUPE too!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to create Lupecoin wallet?

Since Lupecoin is ERC20 token so you can use any wallet which support erc20 token like myethereum wallet or meta mask ethereum wallet
Go here and Generate Lupecoin Wallet

How to buy Lupecoin ?

Buy Lupecoin With PayTM INDIA

Buy Lupecoin With India Online Bank Transfer

Buy Lupecoin With National Bank Transfer United Kingdom

Buy Lupecoin With Bitcoin

Buy Lupecoin With Ethereum

How to Sell / Exchange Lupecoin?

Exchange Lupecoin to Bitcoin
Exchange Lupecoin to Ethereum

Can I mine Lupecoin?

NO , You can not mine since its ERC20 token

How many coins is there in total?

- 300.000.000 coins.

Is there any ICO for for Lupecoin?

- No, There is no ICO for this coin only there was airdrop from Lupecoin Twitter

Can the owner dump them when the coin gets listed?

- No. They cannot sell them all since coins are mostly distrubted in airdrop.

When will the Airdrop end?

- Its already finished but you can buy on exchanges

Any issue contact on

Facebook Page

Twitter Handler

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