Unlock your greatness with personal responsibility.

I believe in miracles like many people do but I think miracles are usually as a result of diligence, effort and good old fashioned hard work. Many people misinterpret success to be a sudden event and some wait their whole life expecting one miracle that could possibly change their story. They expect almost an overnight success story without any evidence of work that is required to produce the results they desire. Imagine a farmer who refuses to sow any seeds during the planting season but with great anticipation expects a “miracle” during the harvest season, Isn’t that defined as insanity?

The principle of sowing and reaping is one that can produce a “miracle” if you meet it’s requirements which includes diligence, hard work, commitment, consistency and so much more. Just as a farmer throws seeds into the soil to produce fruits so you must sow seeds of hard work in the areas of your life where you desire growth and success. This is usually an intentional, well thought out process and it requires that you take personal responsibility for your life. Many times there’s a yearning for a “saviour” but a lot of the times you will need to become your own hero.

Personal responsibility is defined as the state of being the person who caused something to happen or a task that you are required or expected to do. The task here happens to be your life and if you don’t perform it with great strides and effort then there won’t be many milestones to celebrate. With personal responsibility comes the acceptance that whatever success you want to see in any area of your life that it will be entirely up to you and this begins to inform your life decisions.

When you take on an attitude of personal responsibility you embolden yourself to take charge of your life and this creates an execution mindset for you because now you recognise yourself as the hero in the movie of your life and you determine whether the movie ends up a tragedy or a blockbuster.

I started my entrepreneurship journey many years ago and it has been a particularly interesting one with some failures and mistakes along the way but huge successes too, my greatest strength is always the ability to evaluate my “failures” and make them a learning opportunity and this happened because I choose to take personal responsibility for them and not blame anyone else or the circumstances.

Taking personal responsibility has empowered me with the belief that I can literally do anything and it had led to several opportunities to re-design my life. Taking charge of your own life is a call to greatness and not only for a selected few, it’s available for you too because as you embrace it you suddenly develop a boldness to go hard on your dreams without holding back. Become your own hero today, take personal responsibility for your life and deliver your dreams.

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