Set your life in motion by “doing”.


There’s a big difference between “deciding” and “doing”.

Many people decide they want to change their lives, they decide they want to lose weight, they decide they want to change their jobs, they decide they want to improve their marital relationships but that’s usually where they stop.

I always thought that when you decide then you halfway to your destination but actually only in “doing” can you even start to imagine your destination. After you decide on who you want to become, there’s usually a lot of ground to cover to reach your goal.

The key is to start doing, no matter how small.

it might be to eliminate one carb meal a week, incorporate drinking more water and less sugary drinks, taking courses to boost your professional capabilities, or to listen to your partner more rather than always trying to get a word in first.

Identify actions that will lead you to your destination, break them down and by all means START DOING.