Day 1: One Among 19M People

Mumbai — They call it the city of dreams. According to official figures, there are 19 million people living here. Now I’m one of them.

And I know only two people here. And I feel blessed.

The buildings are passing by, the busy people are rushing around, my eyes dreamy eyes are trying to sink in the vast, overwhelming labyrinth of life that is this city.

What am I trying to accomplish? What will I do here? I will do the same that I have been doing for 10 years, but little more.

More on that tomorrow.

P.S. Feels nice when you are walking around with no particular goal, and you run in to one of those people! You have dinner together, and a drink (in public yes) and then you share a scooter with three people.

So that’s how my first day went. One love.

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