Exclusive Furniture is a Value-Based Family Business

It takes years of hard work, persistence, consistent value-addition in lives of others and amazing set of business principles to make a business a household name. Sam Zavary has been doing that for almost two decades with his family and has made Exclusive Furniture exactly the same name that he had set out to make. In Houston area, Exclusive Furniture is synonymous with quality furniture at low cost.

The best part of the business is that it values family set-up. This helps them serve the families better. When Exclusive Furniture’s first retail showroom was set, it was Sam Zavary with his father in partnership. Over the years, as the business has grown, his brothers Fawad and Sheroo and sister Fauzia have eased into various key roles. This value-based system is one of the treasures of this business which was created when Sam turned 21. Despite various expansions, the family has only bonded together instead of growing apart and has understood the responsibilities of being one of the prime names in furniture at Houston.

The trip that started with a leased retail showroom space of under 2000 square feet has now advanced onto a few known retail showrooms and stockrooms. What has been energizing is the consistency of their development that has come through genuine business and client satisfaction. Two more units were brought in as early as 2001. Upfront payment for a warehouse was made in 2005, which turned into the principle working base of Exclusive Furniture. It is in the region of South Houston. 2006 saw Exclusive Furniture clearing a path to make their mark at prestigious Northwest Freeway. Another showroom was opened in Almeda Mall around the same time. Another area was acquired in the year 2016 in the western Houston.

A 52,000 square feet megastore was bought and set up recently. Interstate 99 and Belfort is an extravagant area. New youth furniture areas, supplier displays are among the few of the expanded reaches in this segment. This was the base of future development. Sam Zavary needed Exclusive Furniture to be the first that struck a chord out of different names of furniture. Truth be told he wants to make the name a commonly recognized name in Houston as well as the neighboring areas. A watchful eye and development plans have made all that possible.

‘Where Low Prices Live’ was the original motto of Exclusive Furniture. This was achieved by aggressive pricing and also by providing financing schemes that were unmatched by competitors. Despite all the development the business has overseen, the main reason for their existence- of providing quality low-cost furniture to households has lived. This is no exaggeration to state that the reason of brilliant business, apart from hard work and suave business skills is the word of mouth and successful clients. Due to the amazing business acumen coupled with value for products, Exclusive Furniture has grown from strength to strength. It is one of those businesses that has been powered by an entire family and has consistently been the benchmark of excellence in their industry.

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