Revive Your Old Furniture With New Looks

So your house is almost like a museum sheltering those very old furniture from your grandparents’ time. Of course you don’t want to get rid of them being so many attachments associated with them, but over timely wear and tear they may degenerate and proper maintenance is required to keep them in good shape. There are many ways and methods by which you can revive your old furniture and get them back their worn off luster. The following discussion would give you an insight about the same.

Seek Expert Advice

To get a successful face lift for your old furniture, first visit a renowned furniture manufacturer and ask for their advice. Exclusive Furniture is one such furniture entity, which you might consider. A leading name in the furniture manufacturing world, Exclusive Furniture would be able to provide you with all the valuable suggestions regarding the dos and don’ts of furniture revival. To check the quality and authenticity of their work, you can visit the exclusive furniture reviews that can be found online. If you wish you can check out their various ranges of furniture items, in case you are keen on exchanging your old furniture with their quality and affordable furniture products.

Rip Off the Surface

You can begin by ripping off the surface down. Keep a lot of newspapers or unimportant clean papers under to protect your floor from spills and trickles. Don’t forget to wear waterproof gloves and keep some handy in order to change when the one in use gets too sticky for use. Make sure you carry out the whole process in a well-ventilated space. Separate each drawers or shelves and resurface them individually. Unscrew and separate the pivots, handles, and apparatuses and refinish them if necessary.

Choose a Proper Surface

Choose a comfortable area that would help you carry out the whole process conveniently and effectively. A horizontal plane would be a good choice. Take a measured amount of the liquid and carefully pour it over the chosen place. To spread it around evenly, use paper towels. Leave it for some time to let the liquid sit on it. Wipe off the excess liquid and use more liquor if required. To clean off intense spots, use a delicate brush and make sure they get even shades. To paint the surface of drawers, use a similar method. Follow and repeat with the other parts of the furniture.

Finishing Off

After you go through all the above procedures, then do not miss this another important step. After you scrape off all the old, worn off coating from the old furniture, use a cleanser and a water solution to wash off the redesigned surfaces to make them spotless. Use clean cloth to make sure they are smooth and clean.

If you find the above DIY to be too complicated and time consuming, simply choose the latest collection of new furniture from exclusive furniture in exchange of your old ones. Do read the exclusive furniture reviews before that.

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