My Top 3 Supplements For Muscle Mass

February 25, 2017

Did you know the supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry? That’s insane! Think of all the B.S. supplements out there that have faulty claims with just fancy packaging. Luckily I’m here to give you my top 3 supplements for building muscle mass that are PROVEN to work! Obviously, you shouldn’t take these supplements without doing your own research. Just because i’m recommending, doesn’t mean you should do it. Do your research!!! Anyway, here we go.

You’re probably thinking whey protein powder, creatine and a pre-workout. Right? Yes!!! And no!!!

These are awesome ways to help you achieve your goals, however, the only one I agree with is creatine. Here is why: I do not consider whey protein a supplement. It is food! It is freaking milk! There are limitations though. You do not want to have protein powder for every meal, because you do not get the vitamin and mineral benefits as you would from a chicken breast or piece of steak. As for a pre-workout, they definitely help with workouts and help you bust through them, but they aren’t essential for building muscle. A pre-workout is more of an advantage than an essential supplement to make gains, but it does help you keep the intensity up in the gym.

My top 3 supplements are: creatine, glucosamine and of course a daily multi-vitamin! You’re probably thinking “those are just health supplements, not muscle building supplements!”. You’re right about that one. You need to have your body in top shape all the time in order to increase your muscle gains. Think about it. If you get sick or your shoulder hurts, are you going to go to the gym? I doubt it. These supplements will allow you to keep working out!

Micronized Creatine Monohydrate is my #1 pick for muscle building. Please, do not bother with all the other creatines like HCL or ethyl-ester. Micronized creatine monohydrate is the most studied and proven to be the most effective at saturating your muscles. It is just an amino acid found in muscle tissue. There is already creatine in your body! People get creatine every day from eating meat, however it is not enough to show any impact. So of course, scientists were able to extract it into a powdered form just like everything else. All you need is 3–5g per day and you will start noticing it working in a couple of weeks.

What does creatine do? I’ll keep it simple, because there is a lot of science involved. Basically, your body uses ATP (Adenine Tri-Phosphate) as its energy source. So when you lift a weight or go for a run, you’re body is using up its ATP stores. What happens when its all gone? You start to get tired or you feel like you cant lift another weight, right? Well, creatine actually increases your ATP stores! It allows you to perform that extra rep or maybe even add 5 lbs of weight to the bar. This allows you to become stronger and faster! Granted, you may not notice it a whole lot at first, but trust me you, will notice if you stop taking it.

As far as glucosamine goes; everyone needs healthy joints. Glucosamine is a sugar protein that actually helps build cartilage. When you lift weights or go for long runs, your cartilage is slowly wearing out. Glusosamine will help keep all your joints working properly. I love this stuff! My bench press was suffering, because my shoulder just kept aching all the time. I started taking glucosamine and within a couple of weeks, I was good to go! It is amazing and I highly recommend it.

And of course, the daily multi-vitamin. It’s nearly impossible to eat enough food to get all of your recommended doses of vitamin and minerals. Taking this will ensure your body is up to par, especially when you start working out and exercising all the time. Your body will be depleted of a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. You might even feel tired all the time. It doesn’t even have to be the most expensive, a multi-vitamin is a multi-vitamin. You’re pretty much paying for the name, when you are buying expensive ones. I like to grab the big bottle from Costco. It lasts forever and its cheap.

So, obviously check with your doc to see if you should even be taking these. Also, like I said, dont take my word for it. Do your own research, just because I’m recommending these, doesnt mean they will work for you. Let me know what you guys think and tell me what your top 3 supplements are and why. Peace out and thanks for reading!!! Be sure to check out my website for more great articles