EXEC: turning the spotlight on 35 Fintech and Insurtech pitching startups

EXEC is rapidly approaching and we are getting ready for our exciting pitch competition. Turn on the spotlight, prepare your pitches, and explore this year’s contestants.

From payment platforms to simplified banking and out-of-the-box insurers, this year we are excited to announce a diverse and innovative group of competitors who will be joining EXECpitch for this year’s competition.

Coming from all over the world, participants are in several funding stages, although we are emphasizing mostly series A and seed stage. Below you will find a list of 35 that have been confirmed so far with some background information about their activities in Fintech and Insurtech.


Customized telematics platform which collects data to build customer profiles, providing Insurers a digital acquisition tool and insights into customer needs.


Art is a scam (without ARTSTAQ). The art world curtain is torn down. ARTSTAQ uses big data to value world art. Invest in art like stocks and shares.


AUTHADA revolutionizes existing identification processes and verifies customers identity using NFC of the mobile device and electronic identity of the ID card.

Axyon AI

We integrate the best deep learning technologies into tool that companies are already using to build accurate predictive models, with no coding required.


collectAI is a customer-centric debt collection and smart receivables management platform using big data and machine learning algorithms.


Funding should be as easy as transactions on Amazon are. Therefore, we provide solutions to extend the accessibility of crowdfunding for investors and companies.


DRIVANGO is the Payback for CarDrivers. We provide fuel discount at every fuel station. We bring excitement in the customer relationship by offering our tank app and a fuel card.


DOCYET helps travelers abroad to find good healthcare. Our chatbot provides text-based assistance, cheaper for insurance firms than traditional call centers.


With Ernest, we are building a layer of intelligence on top of traditional bank accounts in order to deliver a Robot to help users feel empowered and in control of their finances.


Driving bank digitalization with performance-based SaaS, unifying industry knowledge with technical know-how and a product-centric thinking.


firstwire revolutionizes the private placement market as the first web-based marketplace for capital market professionals, connecting lenders and borrowers, buyers and sellers.


B2B Fintech startup developing a solution for hedging SME’s currency risks online. It is Berlin based and looking for seed financing.


Europe’s first zero commission stockbroker. Freetrade lets you invest in the stock market commission free and connects you with independent advisers.


Getsurance provides fast and affordable life insurance products to 22 million people who are not served by traditional insurers.


A direct lending platform that processes loans fully-automated for white label customers and sells the loans to investors via algorithm


Hufsy is a banking platform allowing small businesses to handle all their finances in one place, from banking and bookkeeping to reporting and invoices.

Infinity Mobile

SAAS, PAAS, but ever heard of CAAS ? It’s Checkout-As-A-Service and brings you all benefits and features of out-of-the-box mobile commerce.

Invoice Exchange

We connect SMEs with the capital markets by transforming invoices into a tradeable financial instrument.


We deliver full-stack, standalone, core bank and lending platforms for traditional banks, challenger banks and consumer brands.


The future insurance broker for SMEs, turning a labor intensive, high-touch, professional service industry into a highly scalable customer-centric offering.


We develop the best technology for the financial sector in a fast and secure way letting us transform your financial institution into a Fintech.


Mobilversichert is digitizing the insurance broker. We make insurance simple, secure, and mobile by bringing together independent consultants and insurance clients.


Blockchain. Simplified. MonetaGo’s product suite enables financial institutions to identify and deploy the appropriate blockchain technology for their needs.


Mobile & AI claims solutions for P&C insurers to streamline and automate claims processes that take weeks to hours and reduce claims expenses.


NDGIT is the first API platform for banking and insurance. We connect banks and digital ecosystems for a new type of solutions with Open Bank and Fintech APIs.


Banking innovation simplified: secure mobile banking with Germany’s most intuitive multi banking app Outbank — #securebutpretty


The Private Bank Portal to search, compare and contact. Find the best bank for you, compare which banks offer the best propositions, and obtain tailored advice.


SatoshiPay develops a web payment system, allowing content providers to monetise digital goods in very small increments without locking up user funds.


Our mission is to transform the way people spend at work by empowering them with next-gen corporate cards connected to a SaaS dashboard for full control.


Combining prominent ex-industry insiders, an artificial intelligence expert and a world-class designer we aim to bring a fresh, technology-driven approach to equity research.


TradeIt lets retail investors manage and trade anywhere online, in app, or in-message systems with any major brokerage account for a multi-broker safe experience.


tritra is your investment coach. We enable self-directors to make better investment decisions by providing behavioral finance insights at the point of decision.


Twisto is simplifying daily payments, providing customers with a flexible credit line and helping them regain control over their finances.


WeCashUp is a panafrican Mobile Payment platform that enables digital companies to accept #MobileMoney payments online everywhere in Africa via a single API.


Money management should be smarter, easier and more fun. Get personalized tips, save money and control your finances with the free zuper app for iOS and Android.


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EXECpitch is the pitch competition at EXEC. It’s divided by topic (fintech & insurtech) and open to Seed and Series A startups. Selection of startups will be done on a rolling basis. If selected, you’ll receive two free tickets for your founders to join EXEC. If you’ve already purchased tickets, you can choose between additional tickets or a full refund.

You can apply here following this link until March 15th.