❌ Why you should definitely attend EXECinsurtech as an investor! 💳

There are a ton of conferences and events in the Insurtech space on the market. Today we want to show you why EXECinsurtech is not just one more Insurtech event — EXECinsurtech is a real benefit for you as a investor. But why?

First of all — and most importantly: Our aim with the conference is and has been to build a platform on which all players of the industry — from large corporations to startups to tech investors get the chance to make deep connections, engage in discussions around the impact of technology and ultimately drive the whole insurance industry forward in meaningful ways. Because we don’t like bullshit and want to give everyone the possibility to meet exactly the people that are most interesting to meet for him or her, we curate our participants.

Obviously for you as an investor the most interesting participants of EXECinsurtech are the founders and startup employees. There are plenty possibilities to meet them and get in-depth information on their businesses at our event:

  1. Insurance Shaper Of The Year Pitch Award
    On the first day of EXECinsurtech — November 21 we will host InsurLab Germany’s Insurance Shaper of the Year Pitch Award. 15 top pre-selected startups that are shaping the insurance industry of tomorrow will take the stage. The list includes core Insurtechs as well as startups from neighboring industries like IoT, AI, BigData, Mobility or E-Health that are making a mark in the sector. Find the list of pitching startups here.
  2. 1–1 Networking Tables
    An exclusive format where you as an investor can meet startups based on a pre-arranged schedule. We will provide you with a time slot and in our online matching tool, startups can apply to meet you. You then choose whom of them you want to see and fill your schedule. Startups provide you with relevant information before you meet so you have the chance to prepare.
  3. Startup Expo
    Once again we’re hosting a special expo floor with a selection of some of the hottest early stage startups. At their booths you have the chance to meet the founders and key staff, get demos of their products and engage in meaningful conversations.

And on top of all of that, our regular program features exciting talks on the main stage with Mark Klein, Chief Digital Officer of ERGO Group, Magdalena Ramada of Willis Towers Watson, Stefan Knoll, CEO of Deutsche Familienversicherung, Spiros Margaris from Margaris Ventures and many, many more as well as deep dive sessions in masterclasses and discussion table rounds.

Get your ticket here:▶️ https://execinsurtech.com/participate