International Travel Tips: 5 Thing You’re Forgetting to Do

Travelling inspires you to live a better life. It also helps you become a better person. But comfortable journeys need proper planning. If you’re planning a trip, here’s a list of five things you are likely to forget.

Safety First:

Make sure you have the hotel’s business card with you. Even though English is spoken worldwide, it’s good to know and understand a few words in the local language and check for warnings and alerts made by the State Department’s travel service. Remember to carry the local embassy office address in case of emergency.

Six-Month Passport Rule:

Make sure that your passport is valid. Most countries around the world deny boarding to travelers if their passport expires in less than six months. This is because, if the trip is postponed, the host country has to ensure that you have a valid passport to travel back to your country.

Getting Cash:

Most American banks charge travelers for using ATMs outside their network. A large amount of cash can be debited at the airport ATM. But it’s not recommended to carry such a huge amount while travelling. Also make sure to spend all your local currency at the end of the trip.

Credit Card Chips:

Credit card companies may charge 3 percent for every foreign transaction you make. Do not use a hotel or restaurant that converts its charge to dollars. It’s a bad deal. Do not forget to alert your credit card’s fraud department about the foreign trips you make for better security reasons. Most American credit cards have a magnetic strip on the back of the card for swiping. But the European ones have a chip paired with a pin. It’s the most secure way of charging goods. In recent years, many U.S. credit cards are using the chip with signature technology.

Medical Kit:

Before carrying medicines it’s good to check with the Transportation Security Administration and the Customs and Import Restrictions, or ask someone about carrying about prohibited medicines you shouldn’t carry. Pack your travel kit with only doctor prescribed water purification tablets, cough drops, antibiotics for diarrhea, medicines to prevent malaria and fever. Do not forget to carry your first aid kit that includes plasters, safety pins, scissors, skin rash cream, mild sedative, distilled water for cleaning wounds, creams for insect bites, etc. Make sure to carry your insurance card.

Travel Services:

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