About Bonuses

By launching the ITO campaign, Exenium is pursuing two main goals:

1. To draw users on the exchange to increase the trading liquidity.

2. To raise the funds necessary for the comprehensive development of the platform.

The project will be deemed successful with any amount of investment, as it has no Soft Cap.

It is possible to contribute to the Exenium ITO with Ethereum and Bitcoin. This is the first ITO to be held directly in the Telegram messenger.

The pre-sale and private token sale will be held from November 15 to February 14, 2018 on the exenium.io website.

The ITO starts on February 14, 2018, and finishes on March 25, 2018. During the course of 40 days, it will be possible to buy the Exenium Token, set at a price of 1 XNT=0.05 ETH.

At each stage of the ITO, the users of our platform will receive bonus tokens (XNTB) in addition to the purchased ones.


XNTB is a bonus token to be credited to users of the exchange and ITO participants, through specific mechanisms. XNTB will not be released as a contract, it will only be valid inside the scope of the exchange. 1XNTB=1XNT.

Users will not be able to sell their XNTB before the end of the ITO campaign.


Welcome Bonus for the registration, amounting to 0.2 XNT and 0.8 XNTB.

Referral Bonus for participating in the affiliate program, 10% from every purchase made by the users registered through the referral link (After the ITO, the referrer will receive up to 30% of the payments made by the sponsored user, in the currency used during payment)

XNT/XNTB exchange

After the end of the ITO campaign, when the bounty pool will be determined and the XNTB will be distributed among all participants, the ERC20 contract will released with a calculated amount of XNT emitted.

From this moment, the XNTB/XNT trading pair will be launched. Each week, starting from the first day of trading, 10% of the bonus pool of XNT is withdrawn to buy XNTB at market price, or 1 to 1 with XNT. In this way, the entire pool will be spent in exactly ten weeks. All XNTB bought by the exchange will be burned. Unsold XNTB may be used for the payment of transactions and other services.