Report from the Belarus conference

On February 27 the Exenium team took part in the first large blockchain conference in Belarus, organized by our partner SmileExpo

One of the main talking points was the legalization of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and ICOs in the country, not to mention the possibility to operate a cryptocurrency fully within the legal framework.

As such, it was important for our team to really understand what opportunities are opened by the decree “Concerning the development of digital technologies” for Belarusian and foreign crypto businesses. As well as showcasing our product to a large audience.

We developed contacts with representatives from several large Belarusian and international companies, such as Belarus Blockchain Association, Nir Porat & Co, M-Token etc.

One of the biggest highlights of the event were the negotiations with the chairman of the US-based Hyper Microsystems Inc, Mr. Grigoriy Yurovski, resulting in an agreement for a partnership and the start of our cooperation in the immediate future.