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The life of a professional trader is not for everyone. It takes a tremendous emotional toll due to the changing fortunes of the market, and it requires the ability to stay calm in stressful situations.

Being a trader is not as glamorous as one may think. It’s a full-time job, perhaps even more so than the usual 9–5 office gig. Sure, you get to stay at home, but that gets old fast and you never really have free time.

The average day when trading for a living consists of sitting in front of a computer screen, watching charts and planning the next move.

What if you wanted to get out on the beach, or travel around the world, without having to bring a laptop wherever you go?

The choice right now is quite limited. Crypto exchange sites usually work terribly on smartphones, and few of them have official apps. Those that do, are usually too inadequate in their toolset or selection of coins.

Exenium provides the best solution for all trading needs.

The integration as a bot inside popular messengers makes it a multi-platform exchange right from the start. It can be used from a desktop, tablet or phone without sacrificing any of its functionality. The registration process is seamless: no need to create usernames or passwords, as it relies on the messenger accounts and their excellent security. If that were to fail, Exenium still requires a withdrawal password that is set during registration, and can only be changed by undergoing KYC verification once again.

Logging in is just as easy, and it really is just a few button clicks away: this accessibility is what distinguishes Exenium from most other exchanges. Placing an order can be done in 30 seconds, no matter where you are, what device or internet connection you have, as it uses at most a few kilobytes of data.

Exenium provides two options to trade: buy or sell instantly, for those unfamiliar with how exchanges work, and an advanced interface for experienced traders.

Our trading engine will feature all of the standard feature of a professional exchange: market, limit orders, stop-loss and other conditional orders, advanced APIs to connect your favorite market tracking tools, as well as a vast choice of coins with both fiat and crypto trading, eventually allowing margin positions as well.

There will be no need to compromise features for portability. Wherever you are going, you can always keep your portfolio in check and quickly react to the latest changes in the market.

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