Rustem Mussabekov

Save and organize your tabs in the way that works best for you

When you have many tabs open, saving them one at a time is a bit tedious isn’t it? We have a solution! Browser Extension

The location of a Save Tabs button depends on extension appearance you selected on first run.

  • In case of Clipper just click Tabs… in the bottom left corner of a window.
  • Prefer Mini App? Mouse over Save button and select Save Tabs

By default saved tabs will have a tag with a date. That way you can find them easily later. Learn how to open multiple bookmarks at once here.



Version 4.0 brings many features from Web app along with performance and stability improvements

📱 Download from App Store and Google Play

Or check for updates (Version 4.0.31 or newer)

What’s new?


  • Manual reorder of collections and bookmarks
  • Tablet UI on Android
  • Quick save mode for Share extension (enable in Settings / New bookmark)
  • Show/hide bookmark details
  • Filters and tags are now showed in home screen
  • Tag cloud in search screen


  • Load times significantly…