Save and organize your tabs in the way that works best for you

When you have many tabs open, saving them one at a time is a bit tedious isn’t it? We have a solution! Browser Extension

The location of a Save Tabs button depends on extension appearance you selected on first run.

  • Prefer Mini App? Mouse over Save button and select Save Tabs

By default saved tabs will have a tag with a date. That way you can find them easily later. Learn how to open multiple bookmarks at once here.

Showcase your collection to entire web with new public page and embeds support!

Create a public page

Opt-in and enable public access as described in documentation. Visitors not required to sign-up. Here is how public page might look like:

Beautiful and blazing fast

Our extension for Safari have been always a black sheep compared to other browsers we support.

I’m really sorry for all the bugs you have experienced. Like freezes, inability to login or even install the extension. I know about each and every bug old extension had, but I can’t do much due to all the complexity Apple made for extension developers in the past. But everything changed with Safari 14. I have a great news for you!

Starting from today Safari users will have the best experience ever. The new extension is completely the same we have for other…

Version 4.0 brings many features from Web app along with performance and stability improvements

📱 Download from App Store and Google Play

Or check for updates (Version 4.0.31 or newer)

What’s new?


  • Manual reorder of collections and bookmarks
  • Tablet UI on Android
  • Quick save mode for Share extension (enable in Settings / New bookmark)
  • Show/hide bookmark details
  • Filters and tags are now showed in home screen
  • Tag cloud in search screen


  • Load times significantly reduced, almost every interaction now instant with small memory footprint
  • Automatic sync when application goes foreground. It means now you always see latest data, no need to refresh anymore

And many many bug fixes. This is the most stable and polished mobile app release ever. Hope you enjoy it!

Fast. Intuitive. Smart

Last major update of web apps happen many years ago, internally they aged really bad: slow, inflexible and hard to extend. They need complete refresh!

Today I’m very excited to launch what I have been working on for the past half of the year! Say hi for brand new Web, desktop app and browser extension 🖖

It contains many new features and improvements. This release is a part of big refactoring effort I started year ago. The goal is to make Raindrop absolutely reliable and easy to support in long term.

Please support us on ProductHunt:

Caching and optimizations

Now almost every…

Connect your account to more than 2,000 apps

If you’re not familiar with IFTTT (If This Then That) or Zapier, they are free web-based services that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, which are triggered based on changes to other web services.

It’s great way to automatically add content from and to many web services including Feedly, Twitter, Youtube, and more.

Here’s a sampling of my favorite integrations:


Hack, integrate and extend

Now it’s possible to interact programmatically with your bookmarks, collections, tags and other data.

Integrate into your own or 3rd party applications (like Alfred) or create fully featured client app (for example for terminal 😎)!


Documentation can be found here: API

If you have any questions write me to

Yep! Now entire content of every web-page and PDF that you’ve saved is fully searchable and have permanent copy. It’s like having your own Google and Wayback Machine 😀

It’s one of the most complex project I ever done. It took 10 Tb of disk space and 30 powerful servers to complete initial sync. But it’s worth it!

Only available in PRO. No price change or limits!

In Free plan basic search and other features also improved, details below.

Enhanced Search (Free / PRO)

Raindrop always had very naive search engine (our main database just searched exact part of the word). …

Essential features that Raindrop lacks from the beginning

Next major release took a lot more time than I expected, so I decided to gradually add all expected features in current version and in parallel work on version 5.0.

It way more simpler and faster to implement features in already working app, in comparison with full rewrite that I planned for 5.0.

So expect regular updates and feature releases in near future, like this one. I hope this update will give you a lot more flexibility, ways for customization and increased productivity.

Manual Reorder of Bookmarks

This is one of the most requested feature for years. Sorry for so long delay! …

Distance between you and server that respond to your request plays a huge role in feeling of responsiveness of any app.

Up to this day we had only one server in Germany. So in Europe response time always been pretty fast. But not in the rest of the world. For example in Sydney one request in average took 1.5–2 seconds to load. Same request from London took 0.13 seconds. Huge difference.

To improve this situation I proud to announce additional servers in USA (San-Francisco) and Japan (Tokyo). Users from North America, Asia and Australia can expect from 1.5 to 13…

Rustem Mussabekov

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