Shortcuts in Gmail. Get more done in less time

Have you ever considered how much time you spend on various tasks at work every day? Some figures suggest the average worker use 28% of their time at work on email. With a 50 hour workweek, that`s 14 hours per week. There are many ways to reduce the time spent on email, many of them outside the topic of this article. But today I would like to share with you a couple of tricks you can have up your sleeve while taking care of your email business. That is if you are using Gmail / G Suite, of course.

Many people consider this a huge timesaver and it’s also a more ergonomic way to work compared to using your mouse or trackpad.

Please enjoy and feel free to comment below.

In “Inbox mode”


Create a new email.


Create a new email in separate browser tab/window

shift + click

Hold the shift button down while marking the checkbox behind mails to mark mails in a sequence.

Up and down arrows

Go to the next or previous email


Delete email

l+label name

Label email


Archive email

While reading an email


Respond to an email


Respond to everyone in a conversation


Forward an email


Archive email


Delete email

l+label name

Label email


Move to the previous email in context


Move to the next email in context


Undo an action



Go to inbox


go to starred emails

G+L+label name+[Enter]

Go to specific label

Pro tip: Before you start trying these shortcuts out, make sure that Gmail shortcuts are activated under Settings. Click cog wheel up to the right → choose settings → set “Keyboard shortcuts” to “Keyboard shortcuts on”)





The aforementioned are just a small selection of available shortcuts in Gmail. As long as you aren´t composing a message, just type “?” to see an overview over available shortcuts.

Happy email processing!

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