Finding Opportunity In Adversity

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” — Sun Tzu

It’s undeniable, Americans are facing hardship right now. People are losing their jobs, companies are cutting pay to not cut profits. Families are struggling and bills are piling up. It’s hard to even function under so much pressure and stress. People are stuck at home with no ability to find opportunities and jobs.

But at the same time, companies that have dedicated time and money to building remote systems, that have successfully prepared for the digital age, that have all systems in place to continue to run their business online, are now leading the way as pioneers of how to grow and build success during critical times.

Exertus Financial Partners, a leader in the financial industry has been working on having all their business tools and training done remotely for years. And during these times, they are able to offer opportunities to people and continue to support their agents who can easily run their businesses, generate leads and finalize sales all from the safety of their home.

Exertus has an amazing support system that has everything an agent needs to learn and implement proven strategies in the industry. From leadership calls to webinars, lead generating systems, social media and marketing training, sales training, and all business tools from quotes to policies issuing, all online.

Being on top of the digital game allows the company to continue to recruit new people, and offer opportunities to those that most need and have no prior experience in the industry. Anyone over 18 can join Exertus Financial Partners and start receiving the training to become a successful partner, build their teams, generate sales and start at top commissions right from the start.

For already licensed agents, Exertus offers the freedom of free agency, the benefits of an advanced strategic support system and the ability to work with the top products and companies in the industry.

On top of that, working in the financial industry, for those with no experience will be an eye-opener as most newcomers don’t even realize the wealth-building products and strategies that are available to them and about which they learn through their training and become able to utilize and implement it themselves, helping them pay off debts, and become financially independent successfully.

So if you are looking for a new start, a career that offers you flexibility and independence and that you can conduct business from home during these times, contact Exertus Financial Partners, request a call or join a Career Overview Presentation with no obligation to learn how you can join.

You can contact Exertus Financial Partners through their website at:

or call 1–800–681–2339

Exertus Financial Partners is a company based in the United States focusing on Personal Development and Financial Education, Marketing and Sales Training.