In today’s business and commercial environment, investing in software for your company is becoming crucial to be able to compete and keep your company afloat

However, considering that custom software development is still a large investment, amounting to at least US$30,000, it will still be important to get to know the process of making the best software to your business’ needs; as well as people who will work on it with you; be they an outsourced company or your own staff.

Managing any development project can be a challenge. There are people to coordinate, tasks to get completed, a deadline that needs to be met, and a very high-quality bar. If you add to that scope creep, a change in requirements, or ineffective leadership within the project dynamic; chaos is the catalyzed result. So how does one effectively manage a software development project? How does one effectively lead and get the deadlines met on time with high quality? There are some tricks that I’ve learned over the years [and through painful experiences] that might help. …

For many years businesses now have tried to capitalize on the next big idea and success story in software. In many ways, it could be synonymized with chasing a unicorn. The right product, the right time, the right market.

Docker has taken the DevOps and development world by storm. It represents a lightweight virtualization option coupled with GIT style source control options. When leveraged with micro-services it’s value to the industry is immeasurable. This tutorial represents a beginners guide to docker, how it works and some ways it can be leveraged within an existing organizations workflow. The main value it provides over traditional VM solutions is in its lightweight portability and shared Linux Kernel *(just to name a couple). Either way Docker is housed at

Docker Container Architecture

Docker’s organization describes their virtualization architecture as follows:

“Containers and virtual machines have…

Moving into a leadership position can be the pinnacle of an individuals career. It’s an honor to be recognized for ones hard work and diligence on the job. But what actually makes an individual a good leader? What makes them great? Are there some characteristics, personality traits, or common attributes that make a person an exceptional leader? Leadership roles are often the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. But for many who make it into leadership roles a step backwards is in the cards. How does one succeed in leadership? Irregardless if the leadership position is a shift…

It goes without saying planning, engineering and profiting from a cloud oriented software solution is an ambitious undertaking for any size organization. While many start-ups and enterprises alike actively peruse successful cloud offerings; only a few succeed in this potentially perilous quest. So how exactly did some of the more notable cloud success stories come about? Is it through some secret engineering sauce or illusive business equation? While there is no magic bullet or illusive formula, there are a number of battle tested practices that can aid in the development and delivery of a successful cloud product. …

Recently completed Confluence Plugin Development and the deliverable we provided the client was plugin that can be installed into confluence via the admin portal of Atlassian’s confluence. The module developed is currently available via the confluence market place online.

We started the project with Phase 0 “Discovery Phase “ and finalized the features / functionality of the Plugin such as creating Overview Maps, Creating Information maps, Creating Blocks, Creating Tables, Structured formatting, Tagging maps and blocks with specific types

We started with a detailed technical specification, technology feasibility study and then began developing out the information map solution. We built a number of exciting features and delivered an amazing turn-key SaaS application that is now live on the confluence market place.

Design Techniques:

  • Responsive Design
  • MS Office Ribbon in HTML

Development Technologies:

  • Java & Maven
  • Confluence SDK
  • NodeJS


  • Atlassian’s Confluence API
  • Trello

One of the core principles we are building Exeter Studios around is the 3D’s. These are identified as ‘Design, Develop, Deliver’ for any organization to succeed in business they need to have good a good design strategy, they need to develop their business and deliver on their promises to their customers. Our goal at Exeter Studios is to help small to mid-sized organizations effect these three principles.

To help us effect the 3D’s for our customers, we provide ranges of services to organizations aimed at helping them have good design and online / print brand presence (A web site, a…

Throughout the years I have worked in numerous technically oriented roles. This includes Engineering, QA, Automated test engineering, DevOps, Build and Release, and finally Platform Architect. I’ve seen a LOT of code. I’ve seen some clean and some not. I’ve worked for organizations big and small, public, private, profitable and not. One thing that has really stuck out is how obvious it is when someone cares about their craft. They show it by writing clean code.

Someone wiser than I in all things “Agile” once said [Shane McDougal]:

“if we only implement agile in development teams, the business falls behind”

This was one of those lightbulb moments for me where I realized that high velocity is not strictly a development concept. As I moved from corporate life to startup life, my views on agile evolved. When I founded Exeter Studios LLC, I decided to aptly apply Agile philosophies and practices to the entire business. Here are my thoughts.

Exeter Studios LLC

We built Exeter Studios on decades of experience in design, business knowledge, software development, delivery, and customer service.

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