Meet Michael Wong founder of BOYS OF YOGA

Please introduce yourself…? Hi, I’m Michael James Wong, Yoga teacher & founder of BOYS OF YOGA

What are you bringing to Exhale? I’m lucky enough to be invited this year to Exhale and will be bringing with me some West Coast Power Yoga. They say the best things in life make you sweaty…

Why do you do what you do? I teach & practice yoga cause it just feels right. It’s not something that needs explaining really. Do the things that feel good, and makes you a better person.

Favourite yoga? I’m a big fan of anything that gets you moving in the body & still in the mind. Fresh air and cool peeps aren’t a bad addition to the mix either.

Any camping tips for the festival? Come for the fun, come for the people, come for the experience. There’s more to the festival than just making shapes on a rectangle mat.

Tell us something we don’t know about you? I’m pretty excellent at making campfires, you could probably say it’s my superhero superpower.

Facebook: boysofyoga
Insta: boysofyoga
Twitter: boysofyoga

Facebook: michaeljameswong
Insta: @michaeljameswong

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