Ripe & Ready at Exhale

Please introduce yourself…? Nick Seneca Jankel & Alison Seneca McAulay, a husband and wife team who are behind Ripe & Ready and have co-created HeartCore.

What are you bringing to Exhale? HeartCore — a transformational music, movement & meditation experience designed to help people release into peace and then rise to thrive to epic sounds. We curate a musical experience around our transformational framework, Breakthrough Biodynamics. Then through dance and guidance we lead people through it in a chilled out way, allowing the awesomeness of breaks and beats to do the work of healing.

Why do you do Ripe & Ready/HeartCore? Our deepest purpose is to help enlighten and empower the digital generations so we, and our world, can thrive — which is what Ripe & Ready is all about. We cant do anything else! With HeartCore, we are bringing together two sets of complimentary skills and a love of dance. Nick is a club dancer since the early days of Rave, who experienced his first true awakening to feeling switched on and connected on a dance floor. Alison is a professional dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. So we know dance is powerful and, with amazing music, can help us reach parts of ourselves that are ready to heal and become whole that words alone may not reach. As we dance, we embody that healing and seal it into our nervous systems.

Favourite HeartCore record? Right now its Primal Scream Come Together.

Any camping tips for the festival? Bring a penknife with a corkscrew.

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