Blogger unveils it’s biggest prize yet

This time, Google is pushing a competitive advantage in attempting to win back millions of Bloggers that have exiled to Wordpress.

Some users got a surprising notice on their blog last week; an early Christmas present from Santa. There have been subtle changes to Blogger in the last few weeks, most likely due to the new engineering launch and a regularized focus on creating a Family Network of open contributors. Google plans to supercharge it’s Top Contributor program to inspire engagement and entrepreneurship.

But the screen shots don’t just tell the whole story; Schema editing, SEO push, Markup Highlighter, a completely redesigned interface and quick access to Adsense.

In a discussion with the regular Google blog video chat, talks are convening about an entirely new vision for Blogger in the coming year.

It looks like new changes will be affecting the algorithm as well, with Hummingbird …